18 Best Men's Ties: For Work, Weddings & More (2024)

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Time to knot up with the best ties available.

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It was Oscar Wilde who originally said that “a well-tied tie is the first serious step in life”. While more and more men are abandoning the tie in favour of the dull open-neck shirt, men’s ties are still a boardroom fixture that can say a lot about the guy wearing it.

You might be thinking that they’re uncomfortable, fussy, and serve no true functional purpose… and hey, that might be true. But what we can verify is that a quality tie can seal a good impression. The best men’s ties give you an opportunity to express some sartorial creativity and show your boss that you put in a little bit more effort.

However, no one wants to be the bloke in the corner office whose reputation is limited to his horrible and poor-quality tie collection (and who coincidentally, hasn’t seen a promotion in a couple of years). This is why we’ve found the best men’s ties that’ll elevate your business look to the next level.

Additionally, if you’re not spending your weekdays climbing that corporate ladder, men’s ties can be a cool and fun way to smarten up your outfit. The streets of Florence confirm that even for casual wear, there is a place for a tie in themodern man’s wardrobe.

So, whether you’re heading to the races for a punt, hustling at a hedge fund, or hitting the catwalk, there is a tie for you. Without further ado, here are our top picks for the absolute best men’s ties.


18 Best Men's Ties: For Work, Weddings & More (2) 1/18

Price: From $25

Creating superior products that are ethically made and designed to keep you looking good for years to come is exactly why Ties.com was founded, and oh boy, do they deliver.

As their company name would suggest, Ties.com has a HUGE range of the best men’s ties; seriously, any type of tie you can think of, they’ll have it. They stock skinny ties, neckties, even novelty ties (albeit tasteful novelty ties).


18 Best Men's Ties: For Work, Weddings & More (3) 2/18

Price: From $69

Suitsupply is a Dutch company taking an alternative perspective on the production of men’s clothing and accessories. Their vertical integration means you can have high-quality Italian fabrics at a reasonable off-the-rack price point.

If you’re looking for a tie that looks comfortable in a boardroom and at the races, this is the tie brand for you. They have a large range of men’s ties in a variety of fabrics, such as, silk, linen, & wool, and come in a great selection of colours & patterns.

Hugo Boss

18 Best Men's Ties: For Work, Weddings & More (4) 3/18

Price: From $78

German luxury fashion house, Hugo Boss is renowned for their opulent range of clothing, accessories, footwear, and fragrances. If you’re after a more luxurious tie, Hugo Boss is the way to go.

With a huge range of Italian-made silk men’s ties in classic, timeless colours and prints, a Hugo Boss tie will most definitely give you an effortlessly resplendent look.


18 Best Men's Ties: For Work, Weddings & More (5) 4/18

Price: From $155

Founded in 1928, Eton has grown into a global brand, best known for their incredible shirts. The company mantra is “made to be remembered” and this most definitely rings true when looking at their fantastic range of ties.

Eton has a huge range of men’s ties created by skilled craftsmen from high-end silk, wool, and cotton. Available in a variety of styles, colours, and patterns, Eton makes some of the best men’s ties on the market.


18 Best Men's Ties: For Work, Weddings & More (6) 5/18

Price: From $95

Whilst Reiss is rather new to the menswear game, having only been established in 1971, they have rapidly made a name for themselves creating modern, high-quality garments.

Reiss has a tasteful range of ties that’ll add sartorial finesse to any outfit you pair them with. Crafted with a spotlight on style and structure, and using only premium silks, Reiss’ plain, textured, and patterned ties are some of the best men’s ties available.

Charles Tyrwhitt

18 Best Men's Ties: For Work, Weddings & More (7) 6/18

Charles Tyrwhitt endeavours to produce the finest menswear, with timeless style and no compromise on quality. Topped off with excellent prices and “a pinch of British charm thrown in for good measure” this is one seriously suave brand.

Charles Tyrwhitt’s range of men’s ties include classic plain ties, tasteful stripes, playful patterns, and are all crafted from the lightest silk. If you’re after a gentlemanly tie that’ll really elevate your style, this is the brand for you.

Todd Snyder

18 Best Men's Ties: For Work, Weddings & More (8) 7/18

Price: From $98

Originally famous for his work at Ralph Lauren, J.Crew and the GAP, in 2011, Todd Snyder created his own label, which has become synonymous with the artisanal quality of Savile Row, but with a cool New York edge.

Todd Snyder’s collection focuses on knitted ties, a staple of the ‘smart-casual’ aesthetic.

Ted Baker

18 Best Men's Ties: For Work, Weddings & More (9) 8/18

Price: From $79

A great starting point for any young man, Ted Baker is known for its range of good quality products, that are up to date with current trends.

Their range of men’s ties include everything from plain silk to paisley patterns, but all will give you a dapper look at your next formal affair.

Paul Smith

18 Best Men's Ties: For Work, Weddings & More (10) 9/18

Price: From $150

Famous for his multi-coloured stripes, Sir Paul Smith elegantly showcases modern British style with all of his products.

Paul Smith’s range of men’s ties, available in an array of different patterns and colours, are built to the highest of qualities, allowing you to look smart, without appearing boring.

Savile Row Company

18 Best Men's Ties: For Work, Weddings & More (11) 10/18

Price: From $34

Savile Row Company is dedicated to creating luxury clothing and accessories with affordable price tags. Crafting finely tailored clothes since 1938, this brand has become globally known for their elegant products.

Savile Row Company’s hand-finished luxury silk ties are available in a wide range of colours and patterns, and are perfect for the office, weddings, the races, or just about any occasion.


18 Best Men's Ties: For Work, Weddings & More (12) 11/18

Price: From $235

Drake’s, committed to producing timeless pieces that have a relaxed elegance to them, began creating handmade ties in the late 1970s, and ties soon became the heart of the business.

Today, Drake’s ties are still handmade in east London and come in a huge range of styles, fabrics, colours, and patterns. Drake’s honestly sells the best men’s ties for everyday wear, as they genuinely have that ‘relaxed elegance’ vibe.

J. Crew

18 Best Men's Ties: For Work, Weddings & More (13) 12/18

Price: From $60

J. Crew believes in ‘looking a million bucks, not spending it’ which is why they source the best high-quality fabrics at the most accessible prices. All of their products are classic with a modern twist, meaning you’ll always look effortlessly polished when sporting J. Crew.

Their selection of men’s ties features both timeless neutral colours, and more playful, colourful patterns, and come in all types of fabric: cotton, linen, silk, and wool. Any tie from J. Crew will instantly upgrade your look.

Calvin Klein

18 Best Men's Ties: For Work, Weddings & More (14) 13/18

Global lifestyle brand, Calvin Klein, built their leading status in American fashion through their clean aesthetic and innovative designs. And while they don’t have a large tie range, the phrase quality over quantity comes to mind…

Calvin Klein’s range of men’s ties are sleek and sophisticated in muted, timeless colours, and featuring very subtle, elegant patterns. Calvin Klein’s range of ties are perfect for when you want to look suave.

Tommy Hilfiger

18 Best Men's Ties: For Work, Weddings & More (15) 14/18

Price: From $60

Founded in 1985, Tommy Hilfiger quickly became cemented as the best brand for classic American preppy style. So, if you’re after a preppy look, this is the brand for you.

Tommy Hilfiger’s tie range features slim-width ties in classic prints and colours. Any Tommy Hilfiger tie will make you look like you’re on your way to or from the country club; not a bad look, especially if you’re hoping for that promotion or wanting to impress a date…

Ralph Lauren

18 Best Men's Ties: For Work, Weddings & More (16) 15/18

Price: From $159

In 1967, Ralph Lauren was launched with a tie. Bucking trends at the times, Ralph Lauren released a collection of wide ties that became an instant hit. Since then, the company has grown to an iconic globally known fashion empire.

However, men’s ties have remained an integral part of Ralph Lauren style. They have a beautiful range of ties in a many styles, colours, and prints, all of which would give you a timeless look that’ll carry you all the way from the office to date night.

Brooks Brothers

18 Best Men's Ties: For Work, Weddings & More (17) 16/18

Price: From $84

An institution that has shaped the American style of dress, Brooks Brothers, founded in 1818 is renowned for their innovative, fine quality, and exceptionally valued products. With over 200 years in the fashion business, it’s safe to say, Brooks Brothers knows a thing or two when it comes to style.

Their range of men’s ties is fantastic; they have everything from block colours, to stripes, to paisley, to nautical. All ties are made in the USA from the finest silk, cotton, and wool sourced from Italy and England. You seriously can’t go wrong with a Brooks Brothers’ tie.

Perry Ellis

18 Best Men's Ties: For Work, Weddings & More (18) 17/18

Price: From $45

Global lifestyle brand, Perry Ellis, is committed to creating clothes that are designed with real life in mind; clothes that simplify style choices and allow the wearer to go anywhere and do anything.

The men’s tie collection is no exception. Featuring a variety of colours and patterns, a Perry Ellis tie will add flair to your look and will make you stand out for all the right reasons.

Turnbull & Asser

18 Best Men's Ties: For Work, Weddings & More (19) 18/18

Price: From $149

Designing and creating clothing with integrity and skill is at the heart of what Turnbull & Asser do. Founded in 1855, this British company was even bestowed a Royal Warrant for their impeccable service and product excellence.

A Turnbull & Asser tie is unlike any other, thanks to the company’s attention to detail. Formed from three sections, the blade, the gusset, and the under end, all Turnbull & Asser ties are handmade in England by skilled sewers using premium, exclusive silks, and indestructible bonded thread. Available in a large range of styles, colours, and prints, Turnbull & Asser make the best men’s ties available.

18 Best Men's Ties: For Work, Weddings & More (2024)
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