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Barely a month has passed since Sunny joined the crew of the Revenge and said crew is already plotting mutiny. While Captain Bonnet is certainly on the softer side, calling him a coward feels too harsh to them, he’s been nothing but kind to everyone aboard his ship. To say it was lax management would be an understatement and talks about coping mechanisms were quickly followed up by “raiding” a tiny boat.

Calm waters gently rock The Revenge, sun shining down on the wooden deck as the crew is tasked with creating their own flags by the captain. Everyone gathers around the piles of fabric and start airing out their frustrations about Bonnet’s leadership or lack thereof.

Spreading out the dark lavender fabric in their calloused hands, Sunny glances at Black Pete with an inquisitive expression. “While I can’t say that I’m keen on looting wilting plants, the salary is pretty good." They brush stray pieces of short brown hair out of their eyes, trying not to stab themselves with the needle that’s clumsily grasped between their fingers. "I have nothing to compare it to but the point still stands.” They say in a bored voice, their germanic accent shining through, shrugging nonchalantly. Their tall frame is hunched over the makeshift table, genuinely focused on the flag-to-be.

Despite the overall lack of participation of the crew, Pete stands up to assert his view with more vigour. “You think Blackbeard’s crew sews? No.” He shakes his head, hand on his hip. He drones on about how badass his crew was, even when they weren’t killing or drinking and out of the corner of their vision Sunny saw Roach rolling his eyes at him.

“Can you pass me the black thread?” asks Frenchie, inadvertently directing everyone’s attention to the flag he’s making, a black cat depicted in the middle of it. He defends his design by claiming cats are terrifying while the others look at him with varying degrees of confusion and amusem*nt.

Just as he starts getting unenthusiastic support for his proposal to dispose of the captain, Lucius walks over to tell everyone that Buttons spilled the beans, causing Pete to curse loudly in annoyance.

Surprisingly, this doesn’t do much to take the wind out of the proverbial sails of the mutiny plan as everyone continues discussing who should become captain after Bonnet. Black Pete flaunts his “experience” and others throw out more suitable candidates.

By that point, Sunny starts to zone out eyes drifting along the colourful crew as they mindlessly stitch into the soft fabric. “None of you are experienced enough for captaincy, not even the Captain is.” They blurt out without preamble. Every head turns towards them, even Jim’s, who’s been ignoring the entire conversation so far. Sunny looks around awkwardly, pursing their lips as they shrug semi-apologetically.

Roach co*cks an eyebrow, eyes narrowed slightly. “Then who do you think should be captain?” Everyone looks expectant as they wait for the German's answer. “I truly don’t care, but if Bonnet grew some backbone he’d actually be pretty decent. Now, hear me out-” The crew rolls their eyes, huffs and groans resounding as the sailor barrels on.. “I much prefer the weekly salary and lack of floggings, I’m sure most of you feel the same.” Sunny lift’s their eyebrows expectantly, hand on their hip as they dare the rest to contradict them. None of them do, but they still seem sceptical at best.

“Avast ye!” A bright voice bellows over the deck. Everyone turns to look at Captain Bonnet, who doesn’t paint a particularly imposing image in his fancy turquoise suit. He announces that they’re heading towards a ship, an actual ship and not a humble fishing boat.

The crew gets into a plundering spirit, maybe a bit too much. Sunny notices the Captain’s face steadily losing colour before he runs to his cabin. They frown, confused by the reaction. Before they could think better of it, their feet carry them over the deck and all the way to his door.

They lift their hand to knock on the door, hesitating a little. ‘What am I even supposed to ask? He clearly looked a second away from emptying his guts through his mouth.’ They ponder in silence. The sound of approaching footsteps makes them look over their shoulder. Oluwande and Jim stand in the hallway, all three make awkward eye contact before the German faces the door again. Sunny takes a calming breath and knocks on the door.

The trio slowly shuffles into the cabin after the Captain invites them in with stuttered words. He’s wearing his night robe, which Oluwande questions him on, his half-baked explanation convinces no one. Bonnet motions for them to sit down with him and rather quickly it becomes clear that he’s not too keen on the killing that being a pirate entails. The “refresher” he asks Jim for doesn’t help his case either. The mute pirate shows him a stun move, Olu filling in with a verbal explanation.

“If it makes you feel any better, captains don’t usually do the killing themselves.” Sunny drawls in what they believe to be a comforting tone, in hindsight it might’ve come off as exasperated. Bonnet looks at them with confused eyes. “They don’t?”. They nod, humming affirmatively “Mh-hm, that part gets outsourced a lot.”

Bonnet blinks silently for a few seconds before swallowing visibly. “That doesn’t really help, sorry.”

Right as Sunny wants to admonish him for apologizing, a deafening bang rattles the ship. They all hurry to the deck and are greeted by the sight of a giant English war vessel. They pale, stomach dropping through sheer dread. “Gott, ich schwöre, wenn ich das überlebe, fang' ich wieder an zu glauben.” They mutter under their breath, wiping their sweaty hands on their tattered trousers as they lower themselves on the wooden floor. “Captain, I believe there’s a saying about being overambitious and meeting one’s doom.” They nervously glance at Bonnet, awaiting instructions, ANY instructions.

“Don’t panic!” He bellows, ironically, in a rather panicked tone, hiding behind the railing. The crew waits for the next cannon ball with bated breath, each with varying levels of anxiety. A few moments of tentative calm pass and confusion grips everyone as the sound of a flute and drumbeat travel closer.

“They’re sending over a tender, Captain!” Frenchie exclaims, a few people sit up slightly to look over the railing. To everyone’s surprise, the British officer asks for Bonnet, calling him out by name and telling him that some guy named after a sport wants to come over for a chat.

Despite the Captain’s refusal, the officer doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, as a result the entire crew is forced to dress up in unfamiliar clothes and masquerade as gentry.

The crew gets dressed in the main cabin as Bonnet rattles off fake backstories for everyone. Sunny changes behind a room divider, carefully buttoning up the incredibly soft, midnight blue, dress shirt that their Captain threw at them. They’re dragging out the process as long as possible, getting increasingly infatuated with the way the fabric feels on their skin.

Bonnet peeks over the divider as they finish closing the black vest over the shirt, their eyes meet and Sunny looks at him questioningly. “May I suggest that you don’t talk around the officers?” He asks in a hesitant voice. They blink for a few moments before responding. “It’s not like I’m dying to talk to those assholes, but why- Oh…” They look away awkwardly, suddenly feeling self-conscious.

The Captain looks apologetic, his eyebrows furrowed and lips pursed. “You know the navy, they don’t take kindly to women at sea, former or otherwise.” Sunny shakes their head dismissively, trying to reassure him. “I know, don’t worry, Captain. I wouldn’t want them to know what I was or even am.”

He gives them a tentative smile and ushers everyone into the dining room. Once the British officers trickle in, the air becomes noticeably tense. The longer that piece-of-sh*t-Badminton keeps talking, the tighter Sunny’s fists clench. A strong feeling of protectiveness washes over them and it seems like Lucius feels similarly.

Captain offers a tour to their guest, looking as if he’d rather swallow nails instead, and somehow the atmosphere gets even heavier. It proves incredibly difficult for the German to not blurt out literally anything to alleviate the situation. They look at the rest of the crew for an idea on what to do, their eyes land on Jim, who looks to be seething in the corner of the room. A fleeting thought pops into their head, but before they could ponder on it any longer, all hell breaks loose.

One of the officers felt it was okay to scream at Frenchie, calling him a slave of all things. Before anyone has the chance to open their mouth, a dagger flies across the room and embeds itself into the Brit’s hand, the sight causes Lucius to faint momentarily. ‘f*ck, Jim’s cool’ Sunny thinks to themselves, standing up along with the crew and arming themselves with the first object in reach, which happens to be a simple cutlery knife. Not the deadliest weapon, but it would do.

Sadly, before they had the chance to make use of the tiny knife, Wee John busted through the door, eliciting shrill screams from the navy men. Sunny seizes the opportunity and reaches for the closest officer, holding the delicate piece of metal to the man’s throat from behind.

“Hello? Excuse me? Hey guys? I need a hand with something? In my room? Quickly! Please!” The Captain's voice travels into the room, sounding evidently distressed. Sunny kicks the inside of the brit’s knee and follows Oluwande and Lucius to the cabin.

Bonnet sits on his couch, posture hunched and knees pressed together. “I used the stun move…” The three crew members look between him and the corpse on the ground, unsure silence weighing down the air in the room. Lucius takes a shaky breath as he paces, he looks like he’s about to faint again “Yeah, no, he... he looks pretty stunned.” Sunny claps him on the shoulder and nods towards the windows, a serious frown on their face “Get some air, boy. Your pallor is giving Iceland a run for its money.”

He does just that, pointedly looking away from the skewered body on the ground. Bonnet, in a similar vein, looks like he’s on the verge of a panic attack. The German doesn’t quite catch what their Captain is muttering under his breath, but the word ‘accident’ clues them in sufficiently. Oluwande crouches in front of him and gets his attention, he speaks with urgency. “This is happening! Okay? Do you want to live?” Captain hesitates for a moment too long, causing Sunny’s brows to furrow even more.

“That’s a tough question.”

“It's really not.” Sunny looks at him incredulously.

Oluwande grabs their captain by the lapels and shakes him a little. “I said do you want to live?!”

“I think so! Probably.”

“Then this was no accident. Okay? You did this intentionally. On purpose.”

“...on purpose.”

Sunny dumps the corpse unceremoniously on the deck, the crew looking shocked and the Brits gasping in horror. Captain stands with his back straight, hands on his hips, addressing the crew with a smidge of uncertainty. “I did this,” he motions towards the body, “on purpose.”

Some of the crew’s brows lift in surprise, but they mostly convey an air of respect. Whispers move through the crowd about how hard it is to stab someone through their skull, Sunny’s lips twitch into a small smile as they observe. They school their expression and cross their arms. “What’ll we do with those dickhe*ds?” They say, nodding towards their British captives.

Captain looks pensive for a second. “Get some rope.”

As the sun sets and Bonnet stands at the helm, Sunny watches the crew from the sidelines. They listen to them giving their Captain reluctant praise, saying how they can just kill him some other day. The German sailor frowns and looks at his silk-clad back. “That frilly f*cker won’t kick the bucket yet, I’ll make sure of that.” They vow under their breath.

Loyalty to the Captain above everything else.

Changing Tides - Chapter 2 - TinyFink (2024)
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