Cincinnati Bengals beat Los Angeles Rams | Replay (2024)

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow will play against the Los Angeles Rams as Paycor Stadium hosts Monday Night Football.

The Bengals (0-2) enter the game having lost twice to division foes while the Rams are 1-1 after beating the Seattle Seahawks in Week 1 and losing to the San Francisco 49ers in Week 2.

Joe Burrow injury update:Bengals quarterback will play against the Los Angeles Rams

The Bengals are 3-point favorites and the over/under point total is set at 45.5.

Tonight's game will be broadcast locally on WLWT-TV and the radio broadcast will be on WEBN (102.7-FM) and ESPN1530 (AM).

Cincinnati Bengals beat Los Angeles Rams | Replay (2)

Follow along below for live updates and analysis:

Los Angeles Rams close gap with touchdown | Bengals 19, Rams 16

The Los Angeles Rams made it a one-possession game with a touchdown late in the fourth quarterback.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford completed a 1-yard pass to Tutu Atwell and kicker Brett Maher converted the point-after attempt.

Cincinnati Bengals extend lead | Bengals 19, Rams 9

The Cincinnati Bengals again had favorable field possession after forcing a punt by the Los Angeles Rams. Quarterback Joe Burrow and the offense couldn't get into the red zone, but kicker Evan McPherson converted a 54-yard field goal to cap a four-play drive by the Bengals.

Los Angeles Rams nab first turnover | Bengals 16, Rams 9

The Cincinnati Bengals were driving, but a pass from quarterback Joe Burrow to wide receiver Tyler Boyd was intercepted, giving Los Angeles their first turnover of the game.

The Rams take over on their own 20-yard line.

Cincinnati Bengals extend lead | Bengals 16, Rams 9

The Cincinnati Bengals drove down the field, but their drive stalled in Los Angeles Rams' territory. Kicker Evan McPherson converted a 49-yard field goal to extend the Bengals' lead to 10.

Cincinnati Bengals score first touchdown, take first lead | Bengals 13, Rams 9

The Cincinnati Bengals' offense looked methodical and punched the ball into the end zone on a 14-yard run to cap a 10-play, 75-yard drive that ate up 5:03 of game clock.

Kicker Evan McPherson converted the point-after-attempt to give Cincinnati a 4-point lead.

Los Angeles Rams take lead after another field goal | Rams 9, Bengals 6

The Cincinnati Bengals' defense again stood tall in the red zone, forcing a 42-yard field goal from Los Angeles Rams kicker Brett Maher.

Cincinnati Bengals tie Los Angeles Rams before halftime | Rams 6, Bengals 6

The Cincinnati Bengals defense again forced a punt. The Bengals' offense got the ball back with 1:25 remaining in the first half, but Cincinnati's drive stalled in Rams' territory.

Kicker Evan McPherson converted the 53-yard field goal to tie the game as the second quarter ended.

The Rams will receive the second-half kickoff.

Cincinnati Bengals fail to score after interception | Rams 6, Bengals 3

The Bengals failed to capitalize on the Logan Wilson interception after Tee Higgins was called for offensive pass interference. The Rams have the ball back at the two-minute warning and will receive the second-half kickoff.

Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Logan Wilson nabs interception | Rams 6, Bengals 3

Linebacker Logan Wilson intercepted Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford to give Cincinnati the ball at the Rams' 40-yard line. Cincinnati took a shot to wide receiver Tee Higgins, but he was called for offensive pass interference.

Cincinnati Bengals, Los Angeles Rams trade punts | Rams 6, Bengals 3

The Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams traded punts after the Rams took the lead with a field goal.

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is 15-for-25 passing 109 yards thus far and has been sacked once.

Cincinnati Bengals' drive stalls after sack, incomplete pass | Rams 6, Bengals 3

Quarterback Joe Burrow was sacked by defensive tackle Aaron Donald to force a third-and-long. Punter Brad Robbins had a short punt, which gives the Rams the ball at their own 36-yard line. Robbins' punt was 31 yards before going out of bounds.

Los Angeles Rams take 3-point lead after another field goal | Rams 6, Bengals 3

The Rams again drove down the field against the Bengals' defense, but their drive stalled in the red zone.

Kicker Brett Maher converted the 23-yard field goal to give the Rams the lead in the second quarter.

Cincinnati Bengals tie Los Angeles Rams after drive stalls | Bengals 3, Rams 3

The Bengals had their third false-start penalty of the game and forced another field goal by kicker Evan McPherson.

McPherson converted the 49-yard field goal to tie the game.

Cincinnati has three false-start penalties on third down plays thus far.

Cincinnati Bengals trail Los Angeles Rams 3-0 after first quarter

The Bengals start the second quarter in Rams' territory. Cincinnati has zero points for their two drives of the first quarter after kicker Evan McPherson missed a 56-yard field goal on the opening drive.

Cincinnati's defense has played well, only allowing the Rams 3 points.

Rams score after Bengals miss field goal

The Cincinnati Bengals' defense held strong after the Los Angeles Rams marched into the red zone and forced a 30-yard field goal by Brett Maher, which he made.

The Rams lead the Bengals 3-0 with 8:22 left in the first quarter.

Bengals drive into Rams territory, Evan McPherson misses field goal

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow was 3-for-6 for 27 yards passing on the team's opening drive, but Cincinnati came up short of scoring point.

Kicker Evan McPherson missed a 56-yard field goal, which gave the Los Angeles Rams possession at their own 37-yard line.

Joe Burrow active, will play against Rams

After being either out of limited from practice this week, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow will play against the Los Angeles Rams.

Burrow has been battling a calf injury, which he tweaked in last week's loss to the Ravens.

Here is the inactive report from the Bengals:

Tight End Irv Smith Jr., wide receiver Trenton Iriwn inactive for Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals' inactive players include Irv Smith Jr. and Trenton Irwin.

Here's the full list: Irwin, Smith Jr., running back Chris Evans, cornerback DJ Ivey, center Trey Hill, tackle Jackson Carman and defensive tackle Jay Tufele.

Will Puka Nacua play?Rookie who is Los Angeles Rams' leading WR is active vs Cincinnati

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Cincinnati Bengals beat Los Angeles Rams | Replay (2024)
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