Holding onto Hope - Apollo has dreams (2024)


After cooking and cleaning Lisa, Percy and Apollo made the couch for Apollo to sleep on, Lisa felt the guilt because a God was sleeping on the couch and not a bed. Lisa knew that she should've given her bed to the God but she had the twins less than a month ago, she was still recovering from that, thankfully her healing and her life was held together by Percy, making sure she ate, that she drank lots of water, helping her with the twins.

Lisa was thankful that Apollo didn't care where he slept, Apollo was thankful that he had escaped from that prison that he was held in, they both relized that they were both very grateful and thankful to Percy, without him the world would be in total chaos and destruction. Apollo knew that Percy was awake and probably would stay awake all night long, but that didn't explain the sudden change in appearance, his sea green eyes were slowly changing to a dark brown almost black, his sun-kissed skin was pale complexion, almost like Hades, not even Lisa could understand the change.

When Apollo fell asleep, he had a dream, which confused Apollo by no means, Apollo could see Percy and Zeke on a date, a picnic blanket along with food, Percy had a look of love was written all over Percy's face, Zeke was wearing a red hoodie what had a dragon on it, all Apollo could do was listen.

"I'm sorry, Percy. You deserve someone better than me, I will be nothing but a burden to you and this relationship." Zeke said while looking up at the night sky, Percy's head turned sharply to Zeke, Percy's hand reached over to turn Zeke's head to look at him, Percy had a smile, the same smile he had shown Apollo, it was soft and gentle. "You aren't a burden, you'll never be a burden to me." Percy said softly, but Zeke wasn't having it, when he spoke up, "why do you even love me?! My mother thinks I'm a disgrace to her name, I'm nothing! I turn you down everytime you want sex! It's all because of my father selling me! Allowing people to use me, he's right I am nothing but a sex slave." Zeke snapped with tears falling from his green eyes.

Percy still had that look of love and understanding on his face, like he knew that Zeke needed the emotional break down, Percy still had that kind, gentle smile on his face. When Percy spoke up softly, it was the same tone he used on Apollo, when Apollo would panic, "I don't need sex, I love you for you. Your mother is batsh*t crazy if she blames you for what your father did, your father can go to Tartarus for all I care. I love the life I'm building with you, Zeke, I understand where you're coming from, I do. My step dad, Gabe Ugliano, was the same as your dad, monsters. Your past doesn't mean anything, it's your past, we'll go at your pace with this relationship, because it's new to me too, I've found my sweet escape when I'm alone with you, We put the world away, we get so disconnected, you are my getaway, you are my favorite place, we put the world away, we're so disconnected." Percy said softly while keeping his hand on Zeke's face, tracing it softly, Zeke was a crying mess.

Percy gentle pulled Zeke into his space, rubbing his back lightly, Percy pulled closer to him, "shh, flower, I'll always be here, shh." Percy whispered softly into Zeke's ear, Percy rubbed Zeke's back, gentle rocking Zeke. Zeke for once in his life, felt safe, like he belonged, Zeke's sobs quieted down to small hiccups, "flower, it's new." Zeke mumbled against Percy's chest, Percy kissed Zeke's head, breathing in Zeke's sent. "Yeah, well I've called you every flower known to man kind, I needed something new." Percy said softly while running his fingers through Zeke's blonde hair, which proved to Apollo that Zeke was Demeter's kid.

"You still love me? Even though I'm pathetic?" Zeke asked, but his eyes never met Percy's eyes, like he was afraid of the answer. Percy kissed Zeke's forehead softly, before catching Zeke's eyes, making the other hold eye contact with him, "you're not pathetic, you are amazing, you are wonderful and I'll always love you, sweetheart." Percy said softly, but Zeke broke the eye contact with Percy, "yeah, but I want a family, with you. But you are against it, you don't want a family." Zeke said softly, while hiding his face into Percy's chest, Percy smiled was still the same, "I want whatever you want, I promise, I'll do everything in my power to make you happier. Because you deserve nothing but the best, my love." Percy said softly.

Holding onto Hope  - Apollo has dreams (2024)
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