How to Win Sneakers Straight from SNKRS and (2024)

How to Win Sneakers Straight from SNKRS and (1)

Written byMohammad Yousaf

Not just everyone can get rare Nikes, there’s a certain amount of luck involved, especially when it comes to Nike SNKRS app. Here are our best tips on how insiders are winning more than average.

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Ok, I’ll be honest. The title of the post sounds too good to be true, and to some extent it is. It does not change the fact that you now have to win sneakers from Nike. Check out our beginner guide to how to sell sneakers once you win them, but for now,Read on to learn how you can win.

How to Succeed on Nike SNKRS in 2021

How to Win Sneakers Straight from SNKRS and (2)

A lot has changed since the very first days of buying sneakers online. Following the first days of online drops, it became exponentially harder to secure a pair of sneakers for the average individual.Sellout times got shorter and shorter, making people, including the retailers of themselves, question whether or not the users were human or not.

Turns out, some of these record times were not humans with fast fingers, but clever humans using software that they or others built to benefit them. Manufacturers now have resorted to letting people win a chance to buy the shoe–more on this later. Sophisticated sneaker bots have come onto the scene, causing many brands and companies to wage war against those who make use of the nifty software, which still works in the hands of those with expert knowledge.

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When the demand continued to remain astronomically high and supply got lower, resale prices skyrocketed, bringing outsiders onto the scene who wanted to play the game so they could make a few dollars (in more cases than you would think, a few hundred thousand dollars).

Understanding The Resale Game Better

Brands understood that they couldn’t ban reselling, because it’s not illegal, and it’s really hard to tell whether or not someone is a customer intending to keep the shoes or flip them quickly. Many strategies have been implemented, from the CAPTCHA “are you human?” tests to more technical algorithms that monitor the behavior of website users, blocking orders from users that resemble bots, even if they do pass the CAPTCHA test.

Other retailers such as Supreme, who stock coveted clothing items that resell for much more than they retailed for have boosted up their defense against bot users, who are almost always resellers running big business. Websites like Yeezysupply, adidas, and even footsites like Footlocker and Eastbay are known now to cancel orders even after they’ve been confirmed and paid for if they look like they may have been executed by a sneaker bot. Because of this, buyers are becoming more careful about how they are acquiring the envied merch.

In addition to all the techy stuff, changes in the buying process of some rare shoes with high resale value have eliminated the traditional checkout process altogether.

Winning in Raffles

Raffles have been the most common anti-bot strategy, and as a sneaker fan or reseller, this is something you absolutely need to know, and we’re glad to share tips here.

Once you follow boutique brands on Instagram or on their newsletters, you will begin to see chances to win a pair of shoes that will be worth top dollar, but to do so you’ll probably have to mildly embarrass yourself by tagging three friends in the comments below a photo as well as the size you desire, along with following their account and likely their email list as well.

Fortunately, there’s a brand that lets you forgo all this nonsense, and simply win them straight from the source. Nike is the best company to become familiar with this raffling process of winning shoes from them because nearly every shoe worth getting from Nike will end up being raffled through these methods that you will now become familiar with.

Regular shoes don’t have a drawing for them, so for collectors and resellers, seeing that a shoe is on a Nike raffle is a good indicator that those kicks are valuable. When you win the raffle, you don’t win the shoes for free, but you win an automatic purchase of the shoes, which is pretty awesome especially when they’re instantly worth more than you got them for.

Here are the 2 ways that you can get shoes from Nike:

1. Nike SNKRS App

Download Nike’s SNKRS App, and create your Nike+ account. Make sure you have push notifications enabled, and every now and then you’ll get notified that there’s a draw for a limited shoe that is probably worth money on the aftermarket, whether your intention is to collect or sell.

Over time, you will win a release. When this happens, your payment method will automatically be charged. You’ll have already entered all of your payment info and address ahead of time, so there’s basically no checkout process. It’s pretty awesome, and Nike is one of the fastest retailers when it comes to shipping, I’ve got shoes in as soon as 2 days after I placed the order.

2. Nike Launch drawings

For a better user experience for those who still prefer desktop browsing, going on Nike’s official website is the option of choice. You’ll have to know where to go though, you need to get to the section of their website that allows you to register for Launch Drawings for rare releases.

It seems like they intentionally make it hard to find at first, so we’ll make it easy for you and give you the direct link to Nike’s Launch Drawings right here(this is the US Link, but if you’re not in the US and the link doesn’t automatically route you to your country’s website, simply google the phrase “Nike Launch Drawing”).

You’ll also have the option to pick up the shoes that you won from a store near you in person so you can get them in hand right away. If the draw is a location exclusive that you don’t live near, there is an advanced workaround for this that’s discussed in our reseller’s field guide. Both of these above methods require that you have a Nike account.

Pro Tip: Using Multiple Accounts

Having one account is great and I and many others have won profitable drops without more than one account. Multiple accounts give you as many more chances of getting the shoes as the number of accounts you have. If you have 5 Nike accounts or even 10 or 15, you can greatly increase your odds of getting one pair and you’ll also put yourself in a position for getting multiple pairs for insane profits.

Many people sell Nike accounts across social media and eBay, but because of rampant scams, you might as well cut your risk and learn how to make your own accounts. Advanced strategies like multiple Nike accounts and more are discussed in the highly reviewed 5 part Hypemaster Playbook. You can also keep browsing the blog for other articles, like this inspirational post on how much you can make in just one month off of flipping shoes and streetwear.

Take your reselling game to the next level


How to Win Sneakers Straight from SNKRS and (3)

Mohammad Yousaf

As a business student, Mohammad was thoroughly impressed with where the secondary market was heading for sneakers. He quickly realized that what used to be considered as a side hustle, was now the main income stream for many. He has studied the game ever since.

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How to Win Sneakers Straight from SNKRS and (2024)
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