Two area fugitives arrested near St. Clair (2024)

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Two area fugitives arrested near St. Clair (2)

Two men from the St. Clair area who had active fugitive warrants were arrested after sheriff’s deputies were called to a rural residence in response to a report of a domestic disturbance.

At approximately 11:45 a.m. Saturday, Franklin County sheriff’s deputies responded to an address in the 300 block of St. Louis Inn Road, southwest of St. Clair, regarding a possible domestic disturbance in progress.

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This story portrays dakota to b some dangerous person. He doesn't even have a violent background! He is only known for running away! So they called swat in for no reason! U people always try to make him look like some scumbag! He only had the probation warrant bc he didn't want to leave his family behind to go to a so called, " sober living facility" that used the people who came to their "program" to sell magazines n ship them all over the state to do so for FREE. He's just another guy who didn't want to leave everything behind because he loved his gf, his mom and wanted to try n be there for them. But nope, couldn't put any of that in here. Always have to make people look as bad as possible. THIS right here, is why I don't respect reporters. Or even care to watch the news. U people r sick.


Ahhh the other half of the domestic dispute is here claiming that he's a good dude....

Stealing a vehicle from your dad whose dying of cancer is a pretty scumbag thing to do....


I'm not disputing the fact that what he has done isn't bad. But I'm not the other side of the domestic. I assure u that much. I'm merely somebody who knows the kid. What he has done is definitely scumbag worthy, and not to mention the fact that he had priors....also shows he needed some time locked up. But maybe he will find some programs in prison that will help him. Hopefully. The kids got a good heart, it's just been screwed up with drugs and mental illness. Fr.


DeliriD . . . The news article is merely reporting the facts, "The deputy knew Sohn had active fugitive warrants for a probation violation for resisting arrest, leaving the scene of an accident and fourth-degree assault." Resisting Arrest, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, and fourth degree assault ARE VIOLENT ACTS. PERIOD.


Yes they are. So hopefully he can find the help he needs in prison. I hear some prisons have programs to help people with mental illness and problems with their behavioral health.

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Two area fugitives arrested near St. Clair (2024)
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