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Loaded gun brought to B.C. court as Ibrahim Ali convicted of killing teen girl, lawyer saysIbrahim Ali's lawyer says police informed him days after the trial wrapped that someone close to the proceedings brought a loaded handgun to the courtroom Friday with "intent to kill."Canada -British Columbia |8 hours agoGreater Vancouver homeless count shows intergenerational impact of residential schools, support workers sayThe recent homeless count in Greater Vancouver shows the continued impact of residential schools on survivors and their families, advocates and support workers say.Canada -British Columbia |October 13Toronto Raptors support SFU teaching assistant union strike with $10K donationIn a show of support, Canada’s only NBA team has donated $10,000 to Simon Fraser University’s Teaching Support Staff Union, who are currently on strike.Canada -British Columbia |October 8|SFU teaching assistants plan to strike for improved pay, pensionMembers of Simon Fraser University's Teaching Support Staff Unionare planning an indefinite work stoppage from Sept. 28 until a tentative agreement is reached.Canada -British Columbia |September 28|Friend or fowl? Judge agrees that Vancouver woman kept guinea fowl for 'joy of companionship'In a decision that highlights the blurry distinctions between exotic birds and domestic fowl, aB.C. judge has ruled in favour of a woman who kept guinea fowl in her East Vancouver backyard.Canada -British Columbia |September 26PhotosThousands turn out for Vancouver climate marchFollowing a summer with record-breaking global temperatures and devastating wildfires across the country, thousands of students and Vancouver residents marched to call for stronger climate action.Canada -British Columbia |September 15|Vancouver band Queer As Funk celebrates 10 years of music for the queer communityVancouver band Queer As Funk is celebrating its 10th anniversary amid weekend Pride celebrations in the city.Canada -British Columbia |August 6Cooling centres a 'Band-Aid' solution to extreme heat, advocates for the vulnerable sayThe City of Vancouver’s response to heat warnings and extreme heat emergencies has been to open cooling spaces and centres. Advocates for those who are vulnerable say more needs to be done to provide a long-term solution to rising temperatures.Canada -British Columbia |July 20|B.C. woman turns trailer into 'happy, creepy' Barbie dream home to help recovery from addictionA woman living in Osoyoos has created a Barbie-inspired trailer that she said has helped her on her journey of recovery from addiction.Canada -British Columbia |June 4|Vancouver doctor concerned long IUD wait times will lead to unintended pregnanciesA doctor in Metro Vancouver is raising concerns about wait times for intrauterine devices, more than a monthafter the province announced free prescribed birth control.Canada -British Columbia |May 23Video1:29B.C. Zelda fans line up for blocks to get hands on new gameOn Thursday night and into Friday morning, gamers waited in long lines to purchase the new Nintendo Switch game "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom," with some taking days off work in order to experience the long-awaited sequel.Canada -British Columbia |May 13|Housing advocates say City of Vancouver should have notified them about tent removal plansHousing advocates say the City of Vancouver should have notified them about their plans to remove tent encampments in the Downtown Eastside earlier this month, allowing them to help prepare supports for the people living there.Canada -British Columbia |April 20AudioJournalists' association calls out Vancouver police for lack of transparencyBrent Jolly, president of the Canadian Association of Journalists, says the limited access media were given to the clearing of a Downtown Eastside encampment was egregious and undemocratic.Canada -British Columbia |April 6B.C. tech companies scramble after collapse of Silicon Valley BankThe collapse of California-based Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) last week is having far-reaching effects on the tech industry — including companies based in Vancouver. SVB held $200 billion in assets for firms in the technology and health-care sectors.Canada -British Columbia |March 15|2023 Oscars honoured diversity, but several Vancouver entertainers say more needs to be doneWhile this year's Academy Awards highlighted and honoured diversity in Hollywood, some say there's more work to be done to really embrace different perspectives.Canada -British Columbia |March 14From punk rock to acapella, Vancouver musician receives his first Juno nominationVancouver-based musician Ruby Singh received his first Juno nomination for his album Vox.Infold, which was nominated for global music album of the year.Canada -British Columbia |March 13|'Music is everything': Musician, professor in B.C. shines the spotlight on West African music, danceKofi Gbolonyo, a professor of African studies and ethnomusicology in B.C., has long been a champion oftraditional African music and dancefrom Ghana, Togo and Benin.Canada -British Columbia |February 25Pink Shirt Day opportunity to reflect on harm to society caused by bullying, UVic prof saysAs B.C. marks the 16thanniversary of Pink Shirt Day, one professor says bullying underliesmany of the province's social problems, including domestic violence, dating violence, gang violence and youth suicides.Canada -British Columbia |February 23New memoir helps singer-songwriter Veda Hille see her mother in a new lightCBC’s Margaret Gallagher speaks with Rosanna Hille about her new memoir 'Swimming in Stories: The River of My Life.'Canada -British Columbia |February 21|Climate equity working group 'disappointed' after Vancouver city council rejects climate justice charterMembers of the City of Vancouver's climate equity working group are disappointed after Vancouver city council voted against implementing the Climate Justice Charter.Canada -British Columbia |February 19|Camilla won't be wearing the Koh-i-Noor diamond. This Vancouver artist wants the royals to give it backA Vancouver-based artist is getting attention for a mural he painted depicting the controversial Koh-i-Noor diamond.Canada -British Columbia |February 17|Lawyers across Canada approve groundbreaking resolution to help prevent abuse of non-disclosure agreementsLawyers across Canada have voted in favour of a groundbreaking resolution that could help stop the use of non-disclosure agreements, or NDAs, that protect abusive employers and organizations and silence victims of harassment and discrimination.Canada -British Columbia |February 9Walking tour explores the history of Vancouver's Black communityIn celebration of Black History Month, a walking tour in Vancouver's Strathcona neighbourhood is revisiting five historical landmarks of the city's Black community.Canada -British Columbia |February 4Long waits expected for Pap test results in B.C.With the return to in-person health care, doctors are saying there's an unexpectedly long delay for Pap smear results. Some women in B.C. have waited up to six months to get their tests back.Canada -British Columbia |January 28

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CBC Vancouver

CBC Vancouver is a branch of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), which is Canada's national public broadcaster. CBC Vancouver provides news, information, and entertainment programming to the Greater Vancouver area in British Columbia, Canada. It covers a wide range of topics, including local news, sports, culture, and more.

Residential Schools and Intergenerational Impact

The mention of the impact of residential schools on survivors and their families refers to the historical practice of forcibly removing Indigenous children from their families and communities and placing them in government-funded and church-run residential schools. These schools aimed to assimilate Indigenous children into Euro-Canadian culture, often resulting in the loss of language, culture, and identity. The intergenerational impact refers to the lasting effects of this traumatic experience on subsequent generations of Indigenous families.

Toronto Raptors and SFU Teaching Assistant Union Strike

The Toronto Raptors, Canada's only NBA team, donated $10,000 to the Simon Fraser University's Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU) during their strike. The TSSU represents teaching assistants at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada. The strike was organized to demand improved pay and pension benefits for teaching assistants.

Vancouver Woman Keeping Guinea Fowl

A judge ruled in favor of a Vancouver woman who kept guinea fowl in her East Vancouver backyard. The decision highlighted the distinction between exotic birds and domestic fowl. The judge recognized the woman's right to keep guinea fowl for the "joy of companionship."

Vancouver Climate March

Thousands of students and Vancouver residents participated in a climate march to call for stronger climate action. The march aimed to raise awareness about the need for measures to address climate change, especially in the context of record-breaking global temperatures and devastating wildfires.

Queer As Funk's 10th Anniversary

Vancouver band Queer As Funk celebrated its 10th anniversary during Pride celebrations in the city. The band is known for its music catering to the queer community and has been active in promoting inclusivity and diversity through its performances.

Vancouver Cooling Centers

The City of Vancouver has opened cooling spaces and centers in response to heat warnings and extreme heat emergencies. These spaces aim to provide relief and support to vulnerable individuals during periods of high temperatures. However, advocates argue that more long-term solutions are needed to address rising temperatures and climate change.

Vancouver Woman's Barbie Dream Home

A woman living in Osoyoos, British Columbia, turned her trailer into a Barbie-inspired dream home as part of her journey of recovery from addiction. The Barbie-themed trailer has helped her in her recovery process.

Long IUD Wait Times in Metro Vancouver

A doctor in Metro Vancouver expressed concerns about long wait times for intrauterine devices (IUDs) following the announcement of free prescribed birth control in the province. The doctor highlighted the potential risk of unintended pregnancies due to the delays in receiving IUDs.

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