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Posh NAILS & SPA - Mt Airy, MD 21771 - Services and Reviews (2)

Located In: Mount Airy Plaza


Tuesday10 AM–7:30 PM
Wednesday10 AM–7:30 PM
Thursday10 AM–7:30 PM
Friday10 AM–7:30 PM
Saturday9 AM–6 PM
Sunday11 AM–5 PM

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10 AM–7:30 PM

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Nail Salon
Acrylic nails
Gel manicures
Nail salon – full services
Our services: Spa pedicures, Spa manicures, Gel nails, Dip Power nails, Acrylic nails, China Silk nails, Pink & White nails, Waxing – full services, Eyelash Extensions, Eyelash perm

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Address: 1502 S Main St #103, Mt Airy, MD 21771

Phone: (301) 829-5965

Website: https://www.facebook.com/PoshNailsMtAiry/

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Michelle Esmond

I have been here a few different times and I love it!! They do such an amazing job and I am always happy with the result. The customer service is phenomenal and so is the quality of their work. The salon is always so clean and looks very sleek. I am very happy and this is my go to salon when I need my nails done!! They are very kind people and i’m very happy:)

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Alyssa Nieves

I just moved to this area I have tried all 4 known nail salons and this one is the BEST! Super clean, sanitized, and professional! The nail tech are super nice! Will 100% make this my go to placeManicure,Gel manicures,Pedicure

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Mary Westcott

The pedicures here are ok, they don’t massage as much as other places I’ve been to but the quality of the feet polish was good.

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Shalom Peace

Hi Tax Paying Citizens! We must do better starting TODAY!! This nail salon have some okay technicians, however the OVER PRICING is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! This shop charges people $5 to remove pervious nail polish off that originally cost $50 to put on , needles to say they also charge $38 for manicure plus $15 for gel and extra $1 if you want ring finger a different color. Total rip-off ridiculous made up prices and scams. Attention to this they give customers FAKE names…

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susanne twenty

The pedicure was nice. I might be sensitive, but they go too rough on the filing of my skin. The place us clean, busy and well organized.

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Cindee Dymond

I went here once before and had a great experience with Cindy. But this time not so. The owner did my pedicure and answered the phones while doing my pedicure. My feet are half way done and polish is everywhere. She rushed through it so quickly it was not a good experience your paying for. The kicker was I requested Cindy. Never again. Sad to say!

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Doreen Cohen

Vein did a great job in my holiday nails

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Christine Konecni

I had come here once before and thought it was wonderful. Took my kids earlier in the week and they had so much fun. I was quoted $40 per kid and left paying nearly double that per person. I asked them to please soak my girls hands to get the dirt out from under their nails and they acted like I asked them to give me a kidney. Fast forward to yesterday. My oldest daughter took me to Posh for a Mothers Day mani/pedi. First off- the entire placed was filled with people- and they were clearly overbooked as we waited an additional 20 minutes past our appointment time to get started. They hand me a paper menu and I asked for the Posh Pedicure. It was listed for $63 dollars. The nail tech than tells me she doesn’t have enough time to do that service and it would just have to be a plain and simple pedicure. That’s not what I wanted and not what I went there for. She than tells me the basic low end pedicure is going to cost me $68. I asked how they’re going to charge me $5 more of a far less service. She looked at me like I was crazy for asking. At this point I’m just upset and asked them to just give me plain polish and get me out of the chair ASAP. My daughter got upset that they were treating me like a piece of meat and not a human being. Moving on…we had manicure appointments. The lady was upset that I questioned her pricing for o begin with. Next- the appointment taker comes over and asks for my name (great now I’m being black listed right?) than tells me I don’t have an appointment for my finger nails. That’s when my daughter said “she most certainly does” at this point I realize they want me out the door. They did not soak my hands, or even clean them, or clean UNDER them before sticking my fingers into the dip powder. Absolutely disgusting. Im not a nail tech, but I do know there are specific rules with OSHA that state you MUST clean a persons nails prior to painting or dipping them. Than on top of it- both services cost $103 dollars. I will never go back again. I plan on calling the owner today to let them know why. I am also reporting them to the Better Business Bureau for falsifying prices, and OSHA for their disgusting habit of dipping dirty hands into communal nail dip. Do yourself a favor-go to ANYWHERE in Mount Airy but here.

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Megan Mathews

Staff was nice as the nail salon is huge. Some of the pedicure chairs had rips & should be repaired. Other than that this place is fresh and nice.My pedicure is impeccable. Perfect!

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Hailey Akin

The nail salon is huge and very clean but reeked of acetone the day I went in. I had an appointment at 6:30pm and had to wait 30 minutes to be seen. I’m guessing they just accidentally over booked people because a lot of us were waiting so long for someone to be available. These things happen though so I understand. This is the second time I’ve gone here but I’m not sure if I’d go back again. My acrylics were rushed and some nails are uneven. The lady I had seemed stressed and I don’t blame her from how packed it was there. This other woman had to wait 35 minutes to get just a single nail fixed, so be prepared to wait a while if they’re behind on schedule.

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Posh NAILS & SPA - Mt Airy, MD 21771 - Services and Reviews (2024)


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